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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 26, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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hello i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm heather childress. thanks for joining us. topping the news this hour counting down to the primary fight in michigan. the race unpredictable and could be a game changer. we are live on the campaign trail. >> annual reporting season. that time of year when we learn how much america's companies are paying their top executives and it staggering to say the least. with income inequality, we will take a look at how this will impact the race for the white house. new developments in the controversial trial of 16 americans detained in egypt
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accused of espionage along with other charges. >> a fox news alert. new violence targeting americans in afghanistan. a grenade attack on a nato base, wounding 7 u.s. military trainers there. and sparking new fears. the situation in afghanistan is spiraling out of control. today's attack coming on the heels of two u.s. military officers murdered in cold blood yesterday and violent demonstrations raging into a sixth day despite an apology from president obama. the protests killing 30 people and wounding 200 more, all of this anger triggered by the reportedly accidental burning of korans at a nato base. steve sen nan to centanni joinn washington with the latest. steve? >> reporter: the u.s. intent on continuing its mission in afghanistan despite all this violence. with the attack today, 7 u.s.
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military trainers wounded when a protest turned violent. the latest incident took place when protesters logged grenades at a u.s. base. two afghans were killed in the violence. the violence erupted across afghanistan after it was learned u.s. troops disposed of korans in a fire pit used to burn garbage. the afghan president is urging his country to remain calm. >> it is time now to return to calm and peace and not to allow the enemies of the people of afghanistan, the enemies of peace and stability of the people of afghanistan to use this from this time and bring danger to the properties of our people and our country. >> an estimated 30 people have been killed in the week of violence including four americans, two of them gunned down just yesterday in the afghan interior ministry in kabul. the american ambassador to afghanistan and a key u.s. senator saying the mission in afghanistan must continue anyway. >> these are terrible
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tragedies. and very worthy of the condemnation they received but this is not the time to decide we are done here. we have to redouble our efforts. we have got to create a situation in which al-qaeda is not coming back. >> i can understand the anger and frustration and sore are row that the american people feel and this is a terribly unfortunate situation there. i also think we have to take the long view and that is that a strategic partnership agreement. >> now, that agreement the senator is talking about is being negotiated now and calls for several thousand u.s. troops to remain in afghanistan after 2014. greg? >> steve centanni live in washington. steve, thanks. heather? >> another major story developing in the middle east. syria holding a referendum on a new constitution despite growing unrest. activists say dozens of people have been killed by government troops and this is just today.
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the international red cross announcing it is no longer able to safety evacuate civilians out of syria. state tv says the new constitution will usher in reforms. the west along with several arab nations have dismissed the vote as a sham. coming up in the next hour, world affairs contributor dominik dinatale will bring us the latest from lebanon. six americans in egypt accused of using illegal foreign funds to fuel public unrest. the new hearing will take place in late april. sam lahood, the son of u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood is among those facing charges. leland vitter has more from jerusalem. leland? >> the most interesting thing that happened today inside the courtroom is who didn't show up. none of the americans accused by the egyptian government came to answer those charges. here is the latest video from cairo where a number of
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egyptians who were rounded up and charged with the same crimes, namely operating an organization without a license and fueling public unrest. they appeared in court and when asked by the judge plead not guilty but ordered released until the trial in april. that decision outraged a lot of people in the courtroom today including some who wanted the group held and charged with espionage. of the 16 americans none of them showed up. a number left egypt awhile back and some others are holed up inside the u.s. embassy so it would be impossible for the military government to arrest them. the u.s. has harshly protested the charges against these people. the larger issue here is now a major rift between the egyptian government and the united states. a few years ago they were allies and now that relationship is strained especially since the military government a facing pressure from the hard lined part of their population to make a point here and thumb their nose at the united states.
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going forward they delayed the trial until april which gives more time for cooler heads to prevail. another option is for it the egyptian parliament to change the law so nothing they did was illegal. if and when this does go to trial the united states has one final very large bargaining chip and that is more than a billion dollars of foreign aid given to egypt every year. back to you. >> leland vitter in jerusalem. leland, thanks. >> turning now to the race for the white house. some brand new endorsements for mitt romney ahead of critical primaries in arizona and in his home state. the latest real clear politics average of michigan state polls showing romney with a slight reid lead over rick santorum. steve is live for us and the
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campaign trail. >> the endorsement announcement really involves the other race more than the michigan race and that would be the endorsement coming from arizona governor jan brewer. today on "meet the press" she announced she was endorsing romney and said that rick santorum will not be the nominee and then went towards the cameras to explain why she believes mitt romney the will be. >> his political experience and put both of those together i think he is the right man for the right time. the country is in a terrible shape. it is upside down and we need a leaderrion somebody that can go out there and make a difference and lead the people and work with governors. >> now, even before brewer's endorsement the arizona primary looked like a safe bet for romney. the real clear politics average gives the former massachusetts governor a better than 10 percentage-point lead in that particular index. back here in michigan, rick santorum busy moving about the
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state, not downstate, no, he is upstate in the upper peninsula and working his way across the state looking for votes. >> you can tee it up right here in michigan. you could change this race right here in michigan. very few states get the opportunity to really shape things up. your folks to the west in minnesota helped a couple of weebs ago. they set this -- a couple of weeks ago. set this race in a whole new direction. well, i'm hoping that you will do the same. >> now, rick santorum is hoping that he can rekindle that kind of energy that saw that triple win of colorado, missouri and minnesota all in one singular night, that kind of propelled him nationally and certainly here in the state of michigan. since then recent polls have suggested that mitt romney has regained the lead but that is within the margin of error.
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statistically that is still a tie, a very tight race in a key battle that will tee things up a bit for super tuesday. >> this tuesday we will find out what happens and anything can happen and we have seen that over and over again. >> governors across the nation meeting in washington, d.c. the agenda chock full of items important to each and every state. there was plenty of discussion on national issues as well. peter doocy has that story in washington. >> iowa's republican governor said he would be interested in joining the lawsuit seven states filed against the obama administration over contra september ives accommodation but his -- contraceptives acome dation but his attorney general
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won't cooperate. >> i think what we need to do is think more calmly. >> i haven't seen the lawsuit but i believe that what i do know is that i think i could join in on a lawsuit on that because i do believe in separation of church and state. >> the governor's talked about gas prices, too, which will set you back $3.68 a gallon today on average. republicans think the prices will go down if the keystone excel pipeline is built and demo crates think the answer is green. >> the president made a terrible mistake vetoing the pipeline and he has been restrictive on the use of drilling in this country. >> three things to focus on. one is tenned production. number one. continued focus on fuel efficiencies so that we all have some use left and continued focus on renewable sources. >> while in d.c. the governors don't just talk to each other. they will meet with the president, members of his cabinet and some other leaders before heading back home. greg? >> peter doocy in washington.
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peter, thanks. how would you like to make $189,000 per hour? >> i will take it. i will take that job. >> apparently some annual reports coming out about americas it top companies. this year ceo salaries could become an issue on the campaign trail. a little girl died after being rushed to the hospital. what happened before is raising serious questions about what led to her death. tuesday's primaries, we just talked about it, in arizona and michigan. the name calling escalates but you who does that help? the tacks, who does it help and who does it hurt. >> if he is going after trying to fundamentally change, washington, then why is he be hing the wingman for mitt romney? have to slow you down. with better car replacement, if your car is totaled,
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time for a quick check of the headlines for you. pakistan demolishing the compound where u.s. navy seals killed osama bin laden last year. the country was criticized after the terror leader's death for fail fog locate him within their own borders. nelson mandella back home after
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undergoing minor surgery. hospitalized yesterday for an unspecified abdominal condition. and a california family mourning the death of their 11er. she died hours after fighting with another student near her school. we'll have a live report on this in the next hour. it is proxy season when annual share holder meetings occur and reports released showing how much america's ceos are making. right now, incomes are a big issue on the campaign trail. bring in our senior business correspondent and anchor of bulls and bears, brenda buttner. i was reading the column by roger lowenstein and he argues among the very rich ceos are consistently overpaid. to take one shining example, larry ellison, ceo of oracle
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more than $60 million in stock options every year since 2008. even if he did ground breaking work, abusive would not be too strong a word. what he is leaving out here is perspective. he created this multinational behe democratic mouth. employing 11,000 people worldwide. so 60 million in that perspective may actually be reasonable. >> and how is -- you know, stock options by their very nature of pay for performance, aren't they? >> right they. >> they help the share holders with pay and with performance and how is that not pay for performance? >> and by the way, if the price of the stock goes below the strike value they get nothing. >> right, right. a lot of them are paid, actually a lot of them are paid zero dollars in terms of an
1:18 pm
actual salary and they take stock options. >> or some get a salary. steve balmer of microsoft gets a salary of $1.4 million. >> that is very, very rare. >> i want to put up a screen a chart from the cbo and pay attention to the top line there. that is the top 1%. household income since 1979 has gone up substantially. everybody else is kind of flat. is that the kind of chart that for example, president obama is going to be using to make this argument that the top 1% are not paying their fair share? >> i'm sure that we will see that in commercials. i mean now, you know, when you also interest v. to consider how much they pay in taxes and this is a whole -- you can cut the statistics any way you want. when you are looking at ceos it is is important to remember that the reason that we know
1:19 pm
how much they are paid is because they are are pioneers of public institutions. i mean we don't -- >> shareholders deserve that information, they are published. >> they have to know them. any one who is a private entrepreneur you don't know how much they make. it is important to remember that it is an important part of our capital system. >> what may aggravate a lot of people are the golden parachutes. when you get fired you shouldn't get anything. the head of neighbors industry got $100 million forgetting sacked. the head of viacom got $84 million forgetting fired. >> that makes no sense because if they are not performing they get fired and then they get more money than if they had stayed. they work the contracts so if they do get fired they get a substantial amount of money. the problem here is the directors who set their
1:20 pm
salaries are often their friends and it is this wonderful little -- >> they sit on the compensation board and i will scratch your back if you scratch mine. >> there has to be reform. absolutely there are problems with ceo pay. >> and it is up to the shareholders to demand reform and maybe know are not doing it. >> just leak it is up to the voters to demand reform in congress. >> expect this to be a political football this election year. >> it will be. >> not just warren buffett but you others. >> thanks very much. >> we are just two days away from the next big republican contest. the primaries in arizona and michigan. what happens if mitt romney does not win his home state? our political panel weighs in, up next. and it is hollywood's biggest night of the year. you know what it is. the academy awards. casey stegall is live on the red carpet with a preview. >> greg, good to see you. press is here from all over the world. take a look down the line here. outside the hollywood highland
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center. formerly the kodak theater. you can feel the energy here in tinseltown. a live report from the red carpet when america's news headquarters continues, next.
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you might have notice it is getting a bit ugly on the campaign trail ahead of tuesday's primaries in michigan and arizona. gop presidential candidate rick santorum blasting rivals ron paul and mitt romney. take a listen to santorum's comments last night in michigan and then paul's response. >> the people are supporting ron paul you just have to take a look at what his real objective is. if it is really going after trying to fundamentally change, washington, why is he being the wingman for mitt romney throughout the course of this campaign? >> i think senator santorum is
1:26 pm
desperate because he was exposed in the last debate and where he really wasn't the conservative he is pretending to it be. >> where does all of the name calling leave these guys at the end of the day? bring in our are political panel. >> that wasn't even the nastiest of stuff. i don't need to chronicle all of that over the last 6 to 10 weeks. who is the beneficiary of that kind of name calling? >> it is very simple. barack obama. i mean the republicans are involved now greg in a battle. ultimately it is working in the shorter term probably to mitt romney's advantage. the polls have him ahead in michigan and arizona but bottom line if the republicans keep at this until may or june as seems likely this just helps the president and makes his reelection more likely. >> matt, it is nothing new for candidates to attack one
1:27 pm
another during a primary fight but when for example they ridicule romney's business record or healthcare mandate as governor of massachusetts doesn't that validate the president's line of attack and increase his chances as doug is arguing of reelection assuming romney is the nominee? >> i'm just not sure about that. i think for a lot of us who are partisan republicans we would feel better if nomination fight was over and all the focus was on president obama. by the same token the democrats showed us three years ago a protracted nomination fight can result in a lot of conversations like those we are having right now about the republican party, what its values are, who its candidates could be and quite frankly the other night in the debate i thought candidates raised reasonable concerns with their competitors and if senator santorum or governor romney can't quickly answer the charges they won't be as strong in the general. >> good point. doug, you know, some of this is
1:28 pm
arguably self-inflicted. rick santorum has, of course, made some controversial comments about women and homosexuals and his critics say santorum tends to weigh in on people's values, sexual practices, personal choices about anything from contraception to religion to lifestyle. but look, at a time when people and the polls bear this out, are deeply worried about jobs and the economy, it santorum's message off key or is it resonating? >> well, i think it is ultimately offkey, greg, because it isn't what the broader mass of voters want to hear. resonating in a certain sense because there is about 50% or more of the republican primary electorate that wants some alternative to mitt romney and the bulk of those people are social conservatives but you that being said the premise of your question is exactly right. rick santorum does not have a focused economic message that is uniting republican
1:29 pm
conservatives around his candidacy in a way that needs to be done. >> and matt, there is every reason to believe that the acromony may continue because of the primary structure this year it is back loaded with few erwiner take allstates. is that a systemic flaw you that does damage to the eventual nominee? >> as a matter of fact, if you are somebody who lives in a state other than iowa or new hampshire you are probably going appreciate the fact that your primary vote could make a substantial difference in the presidential -- >> it prolongs the name calling and accusations. >> and we might have differences of opinion about whether there is good or bad for us. this all mor schedule more dels will' awarded more quickly. it is a result of the fact that both senator santorum and governor romney are really in a
1:30 pm
dog fight. >> doug, romney is expected to win in arizona on tuesday. may pull out a victory in michigan, his home state and that takes us then to super tuesday. ten states up for grabs then. could romney win, i don't know half of them? certainry massachusetts, virginia and vermont are likely. what about north dakota, idaho, alaska. san gingrich in georgia and maybe tennessee. how does that shape up? >> i think one way or another we are are head inside may or june. if mitt romney won half the ten states on super tuesday he would be thrilled. the polls that i'm seeing suggest that that would be a very, very fortuitous outcome for him. i think his weakness in the south has been made abundantly clear in the polls. so i think we are going to continue exactly as you were suggesting to matt with a dog fight through the spring. >> and then california new york, new jersey, connecticut. big delegate states not driven by the way by tea party
1:31 pm
activists or evangelickists so could give a slight advantage to mitt romney there. we will leave that to another day because we have a lot of ground to cover before then. don't forget, tune in tuesday for all day cover and of the arizona and michigan primaries with special prime time coverage with bret baier and megan kelly and special coverage on our website at 8:00 p.m. eastern time tuesday at fox news .com. don't pay any attention to that guy. >> i hate him. >> i know. trying to find a lock for this key that was in the envelope that once belonged to my father.
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>> forgive me lord but i have to kill that woman. now, she is going and putting pills in the toilet paper. ♪ >> lights, cameras, action. hitting the red carpet tonight in hollywood as films top stars gather to celebrate the 84th annual academy awards. let's go live to casey stegall. lucky guy. he is at the hollywood highland center where are car feve oscas already in full swing. i love the purple. looking dapper. >> the only thing i'm missing on the red carpet is you and greg next to me. the red carpet officially opens in an hour and a half and that is is when the first arrivals begin. a sneak peek behe hind the scenes here. all the press obviously here. look at the facade where it says the academy awards that
1:33 pm
arch the limos pull up on the other side of that that is highland boulevard. the arrivals are about two and a half hours or so and then the live telecast at 5:30 local, 8:30 eastern. now, of the nine films up for best picture this year only one grossed more than $100 million at the box office and that was "the help." it is up for four nominations this year but it seems as is if all of the buzz is surrounding "therench silent film welcome artist." the first time a silent movie has been considered for the title since "the patriot" back in 1930. and all eyes on this familiar face. billy crystal hosting tonight's show for the ninth time but has not done it in 8 years. the 63-year-old really
1:34 pm
acknowledges that younger generations may not be entirely familiar with him but still hoping to make them laugh. >> a magician never tells his tricks. we have really good ideas. people are expecting certain things and whether we do that or give them something new, i don't know. whatever it will be we'll have a lot of fun. >> now, meryl streep is considered a favorite for her portrayial of margaret thatchier in "the iron lady." she has only won twice. >> but has won twice. >> casey, thank you so much. we appreciate it. have fun tonight. >> i would have thought more. she is such a great actress. >> i hear she is favored tonight. >> i think so. >> although viola davis could pull it off.
1:35 pm
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where are the women? indeed, in this debate nothing could be more critical than hearing the voices of our nation's women. >> that was house minority leader nancy pelosi accusing her republican counterparts of trying to silence women. her comments stemming from the hot button issue of contraception and the new h healthcare mandate requiring insurance companies to pay for it even those covering religious institutions like catholic hospitals. what are where the women? right here, our power panel. k.p. mcfarland.
1:40 pm
elise wiele and mercedes cohen also a fox news legal analyst. >> all the women were here. >> where were they in talking about the topic? >> such a bad p.r. move. you have women there. this affects let's face it, only women. well, not only women but women are the ones who need the -- i mean. >> i think the argument was that the panel says that it was about religious freedom, not about contraception. >> but it didn't come down that way. should have been an issue about religion freedom. it ended up being birth control and who was dealing with it it a bunch of old white guys. could not have been dumber as a p.r. move. >> there is no excuse for not having a dialogue about it. only women are the ones. there was a college student that came forward and said i want to talk about the fact that it costs me $3,000 a year and the fact that so many of the other students in the same
1:41 pm
college that don't have the luxury. >> maybe the issue is that it is a broader problem and we need to get more women involved on topics across the board. >> i completely agrow with you on that. >> the next topic. a secret operation sparking new outrage in newark, new jersey. the city's mayor along with the president of yale university are calling for an disclosingon after disclocking that the nypd was spying the muslim community. they say it was strictly based on allegations of terrorism. let's begin with the lawyers. is this legal? >> it is legal if you have a legitimate basis for doing so. they have to know whether there is some allegations that these are cells and individuals talking about terrorism. life as we know it ceased to exist on 9/11. it is unfortunate and the world we live in and these are the precautions we to take for security to be in place.
1:42 pm
>> we don't know whether they had probable cause or warrants. heather you ask is it legal, we don't know. >> i know that they were monitoring websites that were public forums. what about that. >> that can be done without even a warrant. >> if you look at national security reasons where are the recruitment places. i talked to the former head of al-qaeda in great britain and he said we recruit at universities. we recruit young pakistani males. i talked to one man head of mi 6 in great britain and he said one of the best ways they recruit is on camping trips where young men go and this recruited. >> but you can't just go and take things you shouldn't be taking. i think that is what yale university is so upset about. >> a rafting trip where they infiltrated and put someone there. >> when it comes to a broad base of security like national security individuals rights are trumped in this situation.
1:43 pm
and there is an outrage and a sensitivity but frankly if there is a security risk. >> how would everybody feel if there had been a group at yale university who had been recruited and done a terrorist act in newark or new york city we would be all over the nypd saying why didn't you see that. >> as long as they go through the legal -- >> why nypd and the far reaching effects. yale university, columbia university, newark, new jersey. 13 others in the region. why nypd. >> because they are the gold standard. after september 11th mayor bloomberg said do whatever it takes to make sure, new york doesn't get attacked again. they set up the gold standard for intelligence gathering and counter terrorism. we have not had an attack since then because of that. >> you can go within
1:44 pm
jurisdiction and that is fine. >> i learned something new in reading our research that plains clothes officers known as rakers that is what they are called when they drop in caffes and informants known as mosque crawlers reported on weekly sermons. this really was an in depth investigation. >> and necessary. obviously they knew there was enough intelligence they had to delve deep. there has to be some reason. >> otherwise it could be discriminatory. >> you have to have the suspicion to go forward. that is okay to monitor like that. that is fine. >> to be in a fishing expedition doesn't work but if you know there is a fish in there works. >> the investigation into the investigation continues. a school district adopts a strict new dress code. no cleavage if you are a teacher. can't show your underwear or mid rifs not in school.
1:45 pm
but the new dress code is for teachers. our power panel weighs in, next. a governor facing heat for opposing gay marriages. we'll also talk about that. is it fast? it's got 10 speeds, my friend. ♪ is it fast? it's got a lightning bolt on it, doesn't it? ♪ is it fast? i don't even know if it's street legal. ♪ is it safe?
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welcome back. new mexico's republican governor under fire. a hair stylist refusing to cut governor survivors san that martinez hair protesting her opposition to same sex marriage. she left an angry message on the governor's voice mail that later went public. >> shame on you. i will let all gay people know stop serving you and stop providing you with what you need. >> our power panel is back. kt mcforland, elise. that went on to reference a democratic lawmaker who referred to martinez the governor as the mexican for whom a colleague had been carrying water. that was also in the phone message. you have actually met the governor. >> i met her. an elegant lady. has terrific hair and the fact that this guy -- >> no longer.
1:50 pm
>> she is a lovely lady. she has been a great governor. talked about as potential presidential material. does not discriminate herself. >> when do hair cuts become political fodder. that is crazy to me. >> everything has become political. >> ask john edwards. >> ask hillary clinton. i think it is silly. he behaved badly and is discriminating against her. >> look, he was obviously very upset and expressing his views and it is a personal issue to provide the type of service when you do something like hair or makeup it is sensitive and if that he is thankee and that volatile, good for her, don't do it. >> say i'm not going to cut your hair or touch your face but i'm going to tell everybody else not to do it. >> that is just anger talking, though. >> his problem with her is the legalization of gay marriage she has come out against that
1:51 pm
but you is in favor of legal unions. >> civil unions. >> actually has appointed gays to the senior positions in her cabinet. >> maybe i'm really slow but i don't underan understand what t should have to do with a hair cut. if somebody is cutting my hair who is mad at me, probably not. >> want to get that hair cut. >> washington state recently joined six other states, district of columbia in recognizing same sex unions. lawmakers in new jersey and maryland considered the measure. this is the issue at hand beyond the hair cuts and hair dresser who is upset is sweeping across the country. >> and he has every right to turn her down as a client. are it is sort of politicizing something. >> and to say everybody else don't cut her hair. >> he is saying i'm so angry i'm going to get my message out there. she has a national platform.
1:52 pm
governor martinez does. he wants that platform as well and chose to do it this way. >> and they have probably both gotten more customers. she apparently ten stylists this week have offered to cut her hair. i'm sure he has gotten more customers as well. >> i usually do it with a bowl around. >> you do? your hair never looks like a bowl. >> we want to see what governor martinez looks like next week with the new hair cut. >> never mind the kids now a school district in arizona wants to issue a dress code to its teachers. the school board is looking at a policy that outlines everything from inappropriate footwear to how much skin can show. should we have to do this to begin with? >> obviously the school districts are saying there is a need out there because they are are showing midriff and too much cleavage. i can't imagine any other reason.
1:53 pm
whey why now? >> i was trying to think back to my teachers and can't recall any of them including dr. gardner showing their midriffs who was my calculus teacher and a male. >> teaching at mit if i had the midriff and sleevage showing i would have had a lot more attention. that is distracting. >> kids are getting an education and kt aside let's not have any midrifs. >> what about professionalism? >> don't you want to walk in and say this is a professional setting. certainly it is the whole what you dress is how you are going to be treated and frankly if you are going to dress that way the kids are going to disrespect you and they are not going to listen. >> you are not a friend of theirs and not trying to look like them. you don't want to be pals. you are an authority figure and
1:54 pm
should dress appropriately. >> it is nothing way over the top. basically saying that you must have a two inch strap on your shirts because this is arizona, it gets hot and so a two inch strap. jeans allowed once a week. sweat pants not allowed. no cleavage, underwear or bare midriffs and no rubber flip flops. there has been some conversation about when tennis shoes can be worn. >> most corporations have similar types of policies in place. this is how you are supposed to dress. there is a an air of professionalism look like a professional. >> especially because they are teaching the kids who look up to you and say do i believe in this person or not. am i going to listen to him or her or not and wearing flip flops and showing your underwear. >> i am wondering if there is a teacher out there right now, who bares their midriff in class, i want to hear from you. >> and why would you do that? >> doesn't make any sense to me
1:55 pm
at all. ife your midriff at home in you want. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. that was great today. and speaking of bare midriff, greg? >> we taught a law school class together last year and i made sure i was fully dressed every time it was my turn to teach. >> i was, too. >> elise i can't say as much. they never skipped when elise was teaching. coming up at the top of the hour. antiamerican violence flaring up again in afghanistan. 7 u.s. military trainers wounded in an apparent attack on a nato base. is the security situation in afghanistan spiraling out of control?
1:56 pm
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hello. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> topping the news at this hour, it has happened again. more u.s. forces injured in the 6th day of violent riots in afghanistan. the latest developments in a live report. >> and paying tribute to an american journalist killed covering crackdown in syria. our colleague, and we will have stories on her life and career. >> and something is happening in michigan. another shift there overnight
2:00 pm
two days ahead of two important primaries. could we be talking game changer here? we are live on the campaign trail. >> but first, new reaction from the top u.s. diplomat in afghanistan to a surge of deadly anti-american protest. could i yous erupt -- chaos erupting for another day. this grenade attack was at a nato base. the anger sparked after nato admitted that troops reportedly accidentally burned korans. steve, what details do we have of this latest attack? >> heather, this time seven u.s. trainees were wounded. this latest incident taking place on the northern province. when the protesters lobbed grenades at a u.s. base after a demonstration that turned violent, two afghans were killed in the violence. now this is day six of violent protests across afghanistan in
2:01 pm
response to the koran burning incident. the afghan president is urging calm. >> it is time now to return to calm and keep peace and not to allow the enemies of the people of afghanistan and the enemies to use this from this time and bring danger to our people and our country. >> now, 30 people have been killed in nearly a week of violence including two americans gunned down just yesterday in the interior ministry of kabul. the main suspect is an afghan man who build in the same building of a driver. a manhunt is underway for that driver. >> what kind of u.s. reaction are we getting? >> well, the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan, ryan crocker, appeared on television from his embassy in kabul saying the u.s. will forge ahead with the mission in afghanistan in spite of the latest violence. let's listen. >> these are terrible tragedies. it is worthy of what they have
2:02 pm
received. but this is not the time to decide that we are done here. we have got to redouble our efforts. we've got to create a situation in which al-qaeda is not coming back. >> president obama of course has issued an apology for the koran burning, but the latest turmoil could make it harder with plans to wind down the combat mission in afghanistan as early as next year. heather? >> steve is live from washington. thank you, steve. new developments in the trial of 16 americans in egypt accused of operating nonprofit groups without a license and using illegal foreign funds to spark public unrest. a judge presiding over a chaotic opening session of the trial today quickly adjourning the case. now, more from jerusalem. >> reporter: the most interesting thing that happened in the courtroom was who didn't show up. none of the americans accused by the egyptian government came to answer those charges.
2:03 pm
here is the latest video from cairo where a number of the egyptians who were rounded up and charged with the same crimes, namely operating an organization without a license and fueling public unrest. they appeared in court and when asked by the judge pled not guilty. but they were ordered released until the trial in april. that decision outraged a lot of people in the courtroom today including some who wanted the group held and charged with espionage. among the 16 americans none of them showed up. a number left egypt awhile back as the mothers are held up in the u.s. embassy so it would be impossible for the u.s. military to arrest them. the united states harshly protested the charges against these people who were basically pro democracy organizers. now there is a rift between the egyptian government and the united states. just a few years ago they were exceed league close allies. and now that relationship is strained. especially since the military government is facing pressure from the more hard lined
2:04 pm
national us stick part of the -- national us stick part of the population and thumb their nose to the united states. going forward they delayed the trial until april which gives more time for a diplomatic maneuvering and for cooler heads to prevail. these people are accused of breaking and nothing they did was illegal. if and when this does go to trial, the united states has one final very large bargaining chip and that is more than a billion dollars of foreign aide given reach year. >> thanks. syria is holding a national referendum on a new constitution . lots of western nations are calling a sham. the vote follows new reports of more bloodshed in the rebel stronghold of holmeses. witnesses say dozens of people were killed just this morning by government artillery.
2:05 pm
we go now live to nearby lebenon. dominic? >> president asad made a rare appearance when he came out to vote, but he was voting for a constitutional change that could guarantee him another 16 years in power. it was supposed to be about constitutional changes that would bring about a multi party system, but the opposition doesn't believe in that. they called it a sham. the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton said he was a cynical ploy and it is quite sinister. they took people's id and called out to activists and they said you could pick them up at the polls after you have voted. if that is not voter intimidation i don't know what is. they say irrespective of what has happened today this will not amount to much. >> unless they are genuinely
2:06 pm
entrusted in getting involved, they will give in to the public demand. >> deterioration is precisely what is happening in syria. you mentioned the death toll there. most of the casualties came in the city of holmes that continues to be shelled. not many people turned out from holmes as far as we know and they will not continue to do that as long as the government is trying to kill them. >> streaming live from lebenon, thank you, dominic. greg? well, america's election headquarterses is the next showdown in the republican race for the white house coming on tuesday. the primaries in arizona and michigan where mitt romney finds himself doing battle with rick santorum. steve brown joins us live in flipt, mitch -- flint, michigan. he appears to have lost his edge, but what is he doing about it?
2:07 pm
>> spending a lot of time in territory that should befriendly to him. he spent time in marquette in northern michigan and a lot of time in western michigan as well. you noted he has lost an edge. he has lost momentum since the triple victory night a couple tuesdays ago. he asked michigan voters, particularly republican primary voters to rekindle the fire. >> right here in michigan. you can change this race right here in michigan. very few states get the opportunity to really shake things up. your folks in the west to minnesota helped a couple weeks ago. they set this race in a whole new direction. [applause] well, i am homing that you will do the same. >> mitt romney spent his campaign morning at the daytona 500. he was planning on watching
2:08 pm
the race. the problem is that that race has been inundated with rain and has not gotten off to a start as of yet. a lot of republicans like watching that race. if you have been to a nascar event, you know it is largely a republican crowd at those events. certainly it would raise romney's profile for republicans in the state. >> it sure would. let me ask you about newt gingrich and ron paul. are they tossing in the towel in michigan and arizona? >> well, they haven't campaigned here much. of those two that you mentioned ron paul has done more campaigning in this particular state. he is still, woulding the state, but they both seem to have their eyes on other territories. newt gingrich spent the day at a georgia church. he is spending about five days over the course of the next week just in georgia alone. that's a super tuesday contest. he spent a great deal of time in the pulpit of a church discussing president obama's
2:09 pm
with an apology over the burning of the korans. take a listen. >> a great deal has been said about apologies. churches were burned in. nigeri. i didn't hear any apology. churches were burned in egypt. i didn't hear any apology. churches were burned in malaysia . i didn't hear any apology. policies in iraq since we enter the country have lead the population of christians in iraq to drop from 1 million 200,000 to 500,000. 700,000 christians have fled a country that we supposedly liberated. i haven't heard any apologies. it is amazing. >> newt gingrich seems to be focusing on social issues to help drive the vote in the state of georgia. that's a week from tuesday. one of the 10 contests that day has not been in michigan over the course of the last week. back to you, imreg. >> steve brown live in flint,
2:10 pm
michigan, thanks very much. by the way, fox news is your number one source for election news. tune in tuesday for all day coverage of the arizona and michigan primaries. prime time coverage with brett beir and megan kelly. 1k3 tune in for special coverage on our website, fox beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern time again on tuesday. a group of occupy wall street protesters firing a lawsuit. you may remember this. this was from california uc davis in november. the campus police are dousing police are pepper spray as they sat arm in arm on the ground. it is a moment fresh in the minds of the protesters. >> it was the most painful situation of my life. i was blinded and disor yepted. the worst part was i was inhaling the pepper spray as it dripped down my face and my mouth. i literally felt like i was suffocating.
2:11 pm
>> so they are suing. protesters are not seeking profit in the suit, but they hope to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again. want to tell you about an avalanche warning in utah. new danger advisories following the death of a backcountry skier killed last thursday. one day later a snowmobiler broke his leg escaping another of larch. the -- another avalanche. they say winds are contributing to the already deadly conditions. >> lighter, fluffier snow and that is always a bad combination. >> we go live to the extreme weather center. hi, maria. >> you are right, we are looking at avalanche warnings across portions of the rockies and northwest and the cascades and the olympics. the problem out here is it has been so windy, and we have had a series of storm systems that have done a lot of snow -- dumped a lot of snow out there. there is a weakened snowpack
2:12 pm
out here. when you get skiers going out there, you need to stay alert and make sure you do not ski in areas that have the warnings out because there is a risk for avalanches. you can see the warnings across utah and avalanche warnings across western parts of oregon and washington around the seattle and portland areas. we have some areas of unsettled weather, but the high pressure is in place and sunshine from texas through oklahoma and kansas, but we do have one winter storm across portions of the northern plains bringing snow across areas like minneapolis and northward across the northern parts of minnesota and the dakotas. the highest snow accumulation is across northern north dakota and northern minnesota. and that is where we are looking at accumulations that are not a huge deal for this part of the country, but three to six inches of snowfall out here. we could see another inch or two as we head into the nighttime hours. otherwise you continue to see the moisture streaming into the northwest. so seattle to portland light rain showers and another inch or 2 is possible for the
2:13 pm
cascades. we are going to continue to see more snow into the western part of the country. so that storm system that is currently impacting seattle and portland will dip southward and bring some snow and rain across parts of southern california, also across the four corners. and this is the storm to watch. it will strengthen as it exits the rockies tuesday into wednesday and bringing possibly blizzard conditions across the dakotas and parts of minnesota. minneapolis you have a winter storm watch for your area because we are looking at significant wind and storms from this system. on tuesday you have a risk for severe weather across parts of oklahoma through arc ancht we will be watching the storm system closely here as we head into tuesday and also wednesday. current temperatures on the schilly side rapid city 23 and new york city is 43. >> thank you very much. we are just getting word that rain has forced nascar to
2:14 pm
postpone its premiere event, the daytona 500. it is now rescheduled for tomorrow at noon. it is monday at noon. heavy showers drenching the famed speedway. this is the first daytona 500 ever to be delayed. there was a lapse in the storm , and they got the jet dryers out there to try to get all of the water off of the international speedway, but radar is showing a bunch of other heavy storm cells coming into the area, and so this is the first time they have ever had to delay this thing. i think it was a couple years ago in 2009 that they had to shorten the race with just i think 48 laps left to go. there you can see some of the pictures. a drenched international speedway. the daytona 500 has been postponed until noon tomorrow. heather? >> that's a lot of money. i worked for nascar for a little while, and all of those folks that were here for that race, the daytona 500, that won't be able to stay will have to go back to work on
2:15 pm
monday, and there is the whole mental thing for the racers. >> i am guessing some people will be calling in sick tomorrow. >> maybe, we will see. but a lot of money at stake. speaking of money, they mean big money for the banks and bad news for your wallet. the dreaded overdraft fee, just one of many. we will tell you what the consumer protection bureau is doing to make sure that you know all about them. >> and our fox news oscar expert makes his picks for hollywood's big night, and they may surprise you. stick around for that.
2:16 pm
2:17 pm
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2:19 pm
every year banks rake in billions of dollars in fees. and now the u.s. consumer financial protection bureau wants to know if banks are making it clear to customers the fees they actually charge, especially the fortune in fees they accumulate apparently from their customers for overdraft. let's bring in the senior business correspondent. brenda butner is talking about it. when we say they are raking in billions of dollars, annually $30 billion in annual revenue for the past few years from these fees. >> yes, it is. but we have to point out that has gone down.
2:20 pm
from 2009 it has gone down 20%. even though they are raking them in, they are going down. >> going down as a result of what? less fees or people being more aware of them? >> no because this -- the consumer watchdog agency said you can't charge overdraft -- you can't do these kind of secret fees on the overdraft protection on atm's and debit cards. but you can still do them when you have on-line bill paying or you are using your debit cards to pay things at the store. a lot of times what banks will do is they will process like a big fee first, and then when you go to buy a coffee or $2 or $5 at starbucks -- >> depending where you are shopping. >> they can charge you an overdraft fee that will add up. you charge something else -- if you are not aware how much is in your bank account which that's why you keep your
2:21 pm
register and all of that, but if you just don't have any idea, then those fees really rack up. they can be $25 per transaction. >> so that $2 cup of coffee could end up costing you $25. >> yes, and then if you charge anything else, a hamburger or whatever, it is another $25. so in a day you can wrack up $100 or so on overdraft fees. >> here is the thing though, don't banks have a right to do that if they want and shouldn't you be more accountable for knowing what is in your account and how much money you have to spend? >> they do have a right, and yes you do have -- you should know. basically what this watchdog is trying to do is enable you to have more of an easy ability to understand what you are doing. so they are thinking about having for example a penalty fee box. >> i wanted to ask you about that. i was unclear. >> showing you how much you will end up being charged if
2:22 pm
you go into over draft. a lot of people think if they have over draft protection they are safe. you are not. you are still going to -- >> are you charged for that protection. >> exactly. and you will wrack up money in fees. so it is important to keep your register, but we are people. we make mistakes. we make mathematical errors. that's when the banks will really get you. >> so when do you think you see these changes coming down the pike? >> i don't know. they are considering them, but banks are easy targets and especially in an election year it is pretty certain they will be coming. >> do you think we will see the difference in what the fees would have amounted to pop up somewhere else? >> well, banks have to make money like anybody else. if you are a customer of a bank you probably will be charged in someway. they have to make profits. some of them have been making record profits, but some have thought.
2:23 pm
>> that's the thing to keep in mind. they have to make money somehow. somehow you will be charged. >> absolutely. >> and keep track of your money yourself and know how much you have to spend. that's what i have to say. >> exactly. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. greg? well, an investigation into the mysterious death of an 11-year-old girl. what happened just before she died is raising a lot of questions at her school. we will have a live report coming up next. plus, she was a risk taker living on the edge. decorated war correspondent marie coleman says she wouldn't have it any other way. we will talk with her colleague, judith miller, straight ahead. >> it is like saying would you want to be a different person? sometimes i would like a sailboat and a house in the country, but i don't want to change what i do. i think it is something really special.
2:24 pm
2:25 pm
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2:28 pm
time for top of the news. in egypt, day one of a trial involving 16 americans. a judge delaying the case until april after the charges were read allowed. allowed. one of the defendants is son of ray la hood accused of provoking unrest in egypt. anti-american pry vens continuing in of afghanistan. troops were injured in an apparent grenade attack at a nato base. and nelson mandela is back home after surgery. the former president hospitalized for an unspecified stomach problem. a california family is searching for answers in this senseless death of their daughter. the 11-year-old girl died friday night after a fight with another girl after school. molly joins us live from our new york newsroom with more. hi, molly. >> hi, heather. it is a senseless loss. this little girl has lost her
2:29 pm
life, and adding to the tragedy there are many unanswered questions. the fight happened on friday in an an alleyway near the elementary school she went to. according to the long beach police department, the fight with the classmate was pre planned. roughly seven onlookers went to watch the after school battle. >> we believe the fight lasted about one minute. it did not involve any weapons, and we believe nobody was knocked to the ground. once the fight was over both girls left the location and went their separate ways. >> the 11-year-old went to an after school program where she said she wasn't feeling well. her family quail to get her and rushed her to the hospital earlier in the evening. she was pronounced dead before 9:00 p.m. the cause of death has yet to be determined. school leaders are taking steps to help the community through shock and grief. >> we will also have crisis intervention counselors and psychologists at this school. you can imagine what type of
2:30 pm
-- when this type of situation happens, how it affects the entire community. these are elementary school, 800 kindergarten to 5th grade students. >> detectives identified the classmate involved in the fight and several witnesses. thus far police have not received any information that this girl who died was a victim of bullying, and no arrests have been made in the case. long beach police are still interested in interviewing anyone with any knowledge of the events leading up to this fight however. heather? >> thank you, molly reporting from the newsroom. thank you, molly. a tragic case that garnered national attention underway in new jersey involving former rutgers university student who is accused of spying on his gay roommate, tyler claw -- clementi after he learned huey was secretly videotaped during a romanticken unit coulder. is this a college prapg that went horribly wrong, or was it
2:31 pm
a calculated hate crime. let's ask our fox news legal analysts. let's go to the former prosecutor first. this is not an easy case for prosecutors to prove. they have to demonstrate intent on the part of the defendant that targeted clemente because he qas -- he was gay. >> they have to show intent and the causation. he would go to the extent of killing himself after this. that is hard. you have to get into the mind of the defendant. and when you have to prove an intent crime it is very difficult, greg, unless there is a smoking gun and there is not one here. >> isn't it clear clemente tragically killed himself because he was harassed and cautionation is not a big an issue as it otherwise would be? >> a lot of people say that, but here is a challenge for the prosecutors. he was open. apparently tyler clemente was open about his orientation.
2:32 pm
he had depression issues too. the defense will zero in on those two issues, and when he talks about a hate crime and we talked about this before the start, and that's the witnesses that first came on board with the prosecutors said there was no -- nothing by the defense. >> the first few witnesses say i never heard him utter any bias comment, an anti-gay slur. >> but it doesn't automatically happen that people just utter those comments. it is not that easy for the prosecution or the defense. that's not enough to sink the prosecution. they have to show intent. why broadcast that? why send that out? if it is not to humiliate him? >> i acted remotely. it was on my computer so we could watch what was going on in the room. he said "i only did it because i was worried there was a guy,
2:33 pm
a stranger in the room and i was worried about my belongings." i don't know. isn't that a stretch? in dorm rooms people come, people go. that doesn't seem to pass the smell test. >> although there might be some legitimacy to what he is saying. that's where the invasion of privacy comes in. it is his room. he is worried about his belongings. he can certainly undermine the invasion of privacy issue. i knew there was a man there and he had no idea, no foresee built that there was going to be a romantic encounter between clemente and this other man. certainly there is plus built to his argument. it was his room. >> isn't a better argument to say it was a dumb prank? we were spying and we thought it would be a fun goof. >> it was fun and we had no intention of any of this, and obviously the cautionation -- causation factor. we would spy on him whether there was a girl there or a guy, i would have done the same thing.
2:34 pm
if i were the defense attorney in this i would put him on the stand to say that. it was a teenage prank. >> the tragedy of the wyoming case is brought to mind, a bias crime. but that is a case where somebody is feckly abused because of -- physically abused because of their sexual orientation. this is different. >> there is certainly -- when tyler clemente took his life and what robbie did. would you really believe if he broadcast this even a few snippets like he did that -- it was terrible. >> absolutely devastating for him. >> here is the challenge though, if he is open, and there is evidence that will come forward that he was very open about his sexuality. >> to everybody, to the world that, his parents that he would out there? >> he has a sibling that is gayless. gay also. there was certainly evidence -- the defense will come forward and say he was open about his sexuality. there is no way that robbie
2:35 pm
could have known if he did this he would have taken his life. >> open to friends and family maybe. but open to the world where it is broadcast by your roommate, somebody you trust and it is broadcast out there? >> it is also who is in that net? robbie didn't broadcast it universally. he broadcast it to peers. here is something you can log-in to look at. >> in their world that is everything. >> foresee built will come up in this trial. we have to wait for instructions, but one of the arguments could be that it was a prank, it was a goof, but it is not all foreseeable that tyler clemente will jump off the bridge and take his life. as you pointed out earlier mercedes, it will depend on the jury instructions the judge gives them. >> and there may be jury altercation. they may say forget the judge and what he instructed. >> they can ignore the law and do what is in their hearts and minds. good to see you both. >> great to see you.
2:36 pm
>> heather. remembering a correspondent who died in a motor attack while covering the violence in syria. a close friend said covan died doing what she felt needed to be done. >> you are never going to get to where you are going if you acknowledge fear. i think fear comes later when it is all over.
2:37 pm
2:38 pm
2:39 pm
2:40 pm
i said, well i have made a decision to stay, and what does that mean? i said, well, all of the newspapers have evacuated. he said, what about television? i said, well, yes, all of the televisions evacuated. and then he said what about the wire services? i said, well they have evacuated too. he said who is there? i said me and these two
2:41 pm
women. he said where have all of the men gone? i said, well they just don't make men like they used to. >> what a great line. that is american war correspondent marie colvin killed covering the brutal crackdown in syria. friends and colleagues say she died following her life's commitment and her death is a test meant to the cower vai jus life -- to the courageous life she lived. we are joined by fox news contributor and colvin's long-time colleague and friend. she is with us here now. you go back, you and marie, to 1986. >>1986, paris. marie wanted a real story and we were both board. paris wasn't it. >> you have written a very touching, moving column that people can read and i
2:42 pm
encourage them to do so on fox i must say tears were in my eyes when i read this. tell us about her. >> they were in my eyes as i wrote it because she was so much a part of my life and a part of the middle east. she was not only cower vai jus, but she was -- courageous, but she was funny and she had perspective and she could write and think on her feet and she cared more deeply about the suffering of ordinary people than just about anyone i have ever known. i always said marie if you were not a correspondent you would have been a nun. >> you were trading e mails with her just before this terrible incident that took her life. tell us about that. >> well, she had sent me an e mail saying should i go back to libia where she had taken unbelievable risks, or wait for the syrian visa that the ambassador promised me some i thought, wow to go in legally to syria to such a great story? i said, marie, go to syria, it
2:43 pm
is a better story. and it never occurred to me that when the visa didn't materialize, it should have occurred to me that marie would just go in anyway she could, and of course she snuck in and didn't have official permission. that would have never stopped her. she was going to go where the story was. >> marie was trying to expose the truth of the atrocities committed by the syrian government. if reporters like marie are not there syria can dictate their own narrative. they can commit mass murder with impunity and not beheld accountable and that's why people like marie are so important. >> absolutely. and with newspapers pulling back and with newspapers under financial appreciator and no longer able to send people to places like syria it just gets too dangerous, too expensive. the people who volunteer to go year after year become all the more important. youtube and video can only take you so far.
2:44 pm
at some point you need a western correspondent to translate into a western audience what is really happening. when she said "i am watching a small child dye of charpanal wounds" they knew it was real and not faked video. that's why she wanted to stay. it was one more day she begged her editor, one more day to tell the story. >> youtube individualy yos as good as they are are not enough. did she ever talk about her mortality in the context of the danger she faced on a daily basis? she lost an eye covering the militants in sri-lanka in 2001? >> yes, and after that i read her the riot act. her other friends and her family , her close-knit family, and it did not stop
2:45 pm
her at all. she went into the hospital and got a glass eye and she got a few more awards and she went right back into the field because this is what she knew she was born to do. >> i want to quote if i may from your column. again it is on fox "marie colvin cared. she never lost her capacity for outrage. the middle east and journalism will be sadder now without her voice. but she would chide me and all of her colleagues from grieving. jude, she would say, stop crying. get on a plane. you should be here." that's the kind of person she was. >> absolutely. and that's the kind of person we are going to miss. no excuses, just zip it up and go out there and do it. >> she faced such incredible dangers. it was almost on a daily basis. i want to play a clip if we can now from an interview in which she is recounting one of
2:46 pm
the many incidents in which she faced mortal danger. >> we are crossing this field in the dark of night. they just opened fire -- the army opened fire with automatic weapons across the field and the flares go up, and that is terrifying. you can see the bullets. i just hit the ground. i thought, okay, best thing to do is to yell. so i waited until they were 50 yards away i thought i would have a better chance if i made myself known before they got close enough. i was uninjured when i yelled journalist, journalist. at which point they launched a grenade which hit about four feet from me. >> she survived it all. >> yes, she survived it, but that was almost when she was killed in 2001.
2:47 pm
the swree -- sri-lankans were there and she was traveling with the terrorists and she was caught in the cross fire. she nearly died, and once again it did not slow her down. >> just a moment left, but you just got off the phone with her family in long island. what did you learn some. >> i learned that the negotiations over the removal of her body and the removal of the wounded journalist has for the moment broken down. so we still don't have marie home, and we still don't have the other journalist who periled out of there. i hope the syrians will do the right thing for once, for once, to take some moment and just say this woman deserves to go home to her family and her friends. that is the least they can do after all the barberous things we have seen from this regime. >> she lived with compassion
2:48 pm
and you can read it on fox judith miller, our condolences to you and the colvin family and her many friends around the world. >> thank you for paying tribute to her. >> and tonight for an hour, war stories with oliver north will pay tribute to marie colvin and other correspondents who put their lives on the line to cover war zones. the program airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on the fox newschannel. heather? a weird transition, but we are going to talk about tinseltown next and their night to shine. the 84th annual academy awards. who will walk away with best picture, best actor and best actress? our oscar expert is here with his predictions up next.
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a big night for the academy awards that are tonight. that means some the biggest names will be strutting their stuff down the walkway, that walkway right there. but which stars will be heading home with some brand-new statues? fox news oscar expert is joining us with more on this. so you are our resident expert. >> that is right. >> predict the big winners. >> the best picture and the best director "the artist" and best actor" jean will win over
2:53 pm
george clooney. and some say v oi la davis in the help and astonishing performance and it has oscar written all over it. >> but she has already won a couple times. she has been nominated 17 times. >> that's correct. she won twice for kramer versus kramer in 1979 and "sophie's choice." but it has been 29 years. she has had 14 losses and she has come close to winning for films like "julie and julia." >> this is her year. >> she can't lose. >> what about best supporting actor and actress? >> yes, a veteran actor and it was captain van trap. he will become the oldest acting winner at the age of 82. >> sound of music won in 1965. >> best picture and director and best filmed ditting.
2:54 pm
film editing. >> i have only seen "the help" that's the only one i have seen. how do you think it will do? >> octavia spencer will win from "the help." that's probably the only win out of the nominations. spencer, great performance in "the help." >> you are such an expert. you think you can beat google, so in other words i have my google up here. best picture 1969, go. >> "butch cassidy" of the sundance kid. "midnight cowboy" won best picture and best adapted screenplay. >> who was best actor? >> john wayne for "true grit." >> people say it was a gift for his lifetime achievement. >> there was one or nomination for best actor of 1949, but he lost in "all the king's men."
2:55 pm
>> what do you think will be the big surprise? >> consider it a fox exclusive when meryl streep wins best actress. >> i heard you earlier, and you had a bet going on that -- >> if meryl strip does not win win -- of course she is portraying margaret thatcher. if she does not win i will come back to fox news and put on one of lady thatcher's hats and i will apologize to those who lose their pools. i am just so sure. you heard it here first. >> best picture in 1955, a very good year. go. >> "love is a many splendor thing" the winner was" marty." picture, actress, screenplay. >> how do you do that? >> you are good. >> how do you do that? >> 34 years i have been studying oscar history. >> i am impressed. >> you must be a lot of fun at cocktail parties. >> let's go to one later on, greg, what do you say?
2:56 pm
>> i am inviting you to the next cocktail party. >> and tune into a special pre oscar web show at live . fox they will have a full hour of oscar predictions, red carpet coverage and analysis, much like you just saw. >> thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. can we ever stump you? >> we can keep trying. >> the last segment -- >> i kind of cheated. i didn't exactly play it. >> you played by the rules this time so way to go. you deserve an oscar. >> that does it for us. fox news sunday with chris wallace is up next. >> have a great week.
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